Canadian Trackside Guide® 2014 - Small Inventory Still Available (Price Adjustment)

Picture of The Canadian Trackside Guide 2014 Publication

The Society has a small inventory of the 2014 edition of the Canadian Trackside Guide.

Edited by Earl Roberts & David Stremes

  • 5½” x 8½”, Soft cover, 736 pages
  • Locomotives of Canadian National Railway (including Illinois Central), Canadian Pacific Railway, VIA Rail Canada, Regional and Shortline Railways, plus all Industrial locomotives; Urban Rail Transit; Passenger Cars; Cabooses, Work Service Cars and other Non-revenue Equipment
  • Preserved Canadian Locomotives and Equipment
  • VIA and Excursion train schedules
  • Subdivision details for all railways: station names, mileposts, radio frequencies, talking detector locations, divisional maps, detailed maps of major rail centres
  • Railway Reporting Marks
  • Freight Train Numbers

The only comprehensive guide to Canadian railways, including US based operations.

Please note the following price changes as of December 2015 due to increased shipping costs and currency exchanges.

Canada -> $19.95 (all ppd.,taxes included)

United States -> $24.95 (all ppd.,taxes included)

International -> $26.95 (all ppd.,taxes included)

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