The Bytown Railway Society is pleased to announce our new Board of Directors, voted for at our AGM January 15th, 2019. In alphabetic order, our new board members are:

  • BOWN, Paul

  • GENDRON, Charls

  • JAKUPI, Den

  • LOUCKS, Jack

  • STREMES, Dave

  • TAYLOR, Dave

  • WILSON, Doug

The Society would like to thank: John Clark, Gerry Gaugl and Dave Keen for their valued volunteer contributions during their terms as Directors. 

A future announcement will be made once the Board has convened and determined the Officer positions.

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April 2018 - All our publications have reduced prices

We are drastically reducing our prices due to the imminent loss of our storage facility, and as such we desperately need to remove our remaining stock.

The current publication listing is available at the link below.

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