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  Date Page Type Subject Author Railway Location Province State Notes
1969-09-01 9 News Station Clegg, A Toronto Union ON CN and CP want to buy lond on which Toronto Union station stands.
1969-12-01 1 Article Bytown Railway Society Elliot, S.R. (Bob) Message to members. Annual report.
1969-12-01 6 Article Motive power, steam du Fresne, Duncan H. Stelco Ottawa ON Full Circle. Acquisition of Stelco 40 by National Museum of Science and Technol More ...
1969-12-01 8 Article Historical Ballantyne, N. Bruce Ottawa ON Two Plans for the Railways of Ottawa. A comparison. Part II.
1969-12-01 10 Article Historical Stoltz, Doug Ottawa ON Chronology of Ottawa-area Railway History.
1970-01-01 1 Other Bytown Railway Society Elliot, S.R. (Bob) President's report.
1970-01-01 2 Article Reminiscences Morant, Nicholas Animal crackers.
1970-01-01 3 News Bytown Railway Society Parkinson, Tom Ottawa Branch Activities, 1970.
1970-01-01 3 Program Lavallee, Omer S.A. June 2. Annual dinner meeting, Guest speaker, Omer Lavallee.
1970-01-01 3 Program Motive power, steam du Fresne, Duncan H. February meeting. Locomotive Valve Gears by Duncan H. du Fresne.
1970-01-01 3 Program Travels Linley, William April 7. Bill Linley talk on "Mexico Rail and Traction".
1970-01-01 3 Program Travels Various March meeting. Film on shay locomotives, then slides: - John Corby - trip to En More ...
1970-01-01 3 Program Urban rail Parkinson, Tom May 5. "Traction Sampler" by Tom Parkinson, a look at 40 systems from Ceylon to More ...
1970-12-01 1 Other Bytown Railway Society Elliot, S.R. (Bob) President's Message.
1970-12-01 1 Program Bytown Railway Society January 5. Annual General Meeting.
1970-12-01 2 News Restoration Restoration News.
1970-12-01 3 News Bytown Railway Society The Museum's Open Days.
1970-12-01 4 Article Excursion Williams, Bill F.G. Canadian Pacific Brockville ON Bytown Railway operates a successful centennial excursion to Brockville.
1970-12-01 6 Article Excursion du Fresne, Duncan H. Thurso and Nation Valley Thurso QC A Day out on the Thurso and Nation Valley Railway.
1970-12-01 7 Article Reminiscences Davis, George Canadian Pacific Castle Mountain siding BC A Tale of Three Bears.