Summarized below are equipment work highlights for 2017 extracted from our detailed equipment restoration reports available on our DHC Blog

Pontiac HyRail #26 Work

  • Car continues to be (safely) stored off-site in a climate controlled storage facility. This is still necessary to make room to museum renovations/material stored in shop.  No work was done on the vehicle this year.

Passenger Car #4977 Work

  • Completed over 90% of metal restoration work in the “B” end vestibule
  • Restored/Renewed all of original mahogany and replacement luan panelling and miscellaneous mahogany trim in the car, including staining and lacquering
  • Installed all window roller blind covers
  • Completed painting of wall surfaces at the “A” and “B” ends
  • Restored ventilator cabinet in the “B” end
  • Removed, stripped and re-painted steam heat pipe covers
  • Milled ceiling trim
  • Restored emergency tool cabinet
  • Restored fire extinguisher cabinet

TNVR #10 Work

  • Engine #1 head rebuilt and whole powerplant painted
  • Fuel lines replaced
  • Electrical work done on both alternators

CN 6200 Work

  • Feed Water Heater installed.
  • Cosmetic windows fabricated/installed.
  • Smokebox cleaned and sealed.
  • Front of smoke-box all repainted.
  • Headlight work 85% completed.
  • Number-boards installed front and back.
  • Rear headlight rebuilt.


Museum Shop Map

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