Summarized below are equipment work highlights for 2018 extracted from our detailed equipment restoration reports available on our DHC Blog

Pontiac HyRail #26 Work

  • In a co-operative agreement with the Railway Museum of Eastern Ontario (RMEO), the car was moved out of it's long-term storage in Ottawa.  During the trip to the RMEO, the engine overheated and was towed to a local garage for trouble-shooting.
  • Engine was checked for any damage with the overheating. Head gasket was damaged. Head magna-fluxed. Engine block and heads re-machined to spec and compression reduced from 10.1 to 9.1. 
  • Thermal Imaging test discovered that over 60% of the radiator core was blocked. Radiator (dual-core) was rebuilt with a more efficient rad core.
  • Hydraulic system tested and, back Hy- Rail hydraulic lines rerouted according to original specifications. 
  • Missing original back break light, sourced and installed. 
  • We are in search of a original Pontiac Chieftain cigarette lighter and a blower motor for the heater. They can be from any model starting from 1955. Please Contact Us if you can help.

Passenger Car #4977 Work

  • Finished the "B" end vestibule area including the floor plates, door threshold, trap doors, hand rails and related body work
  • Cleaned and painted the seat frame pedestals on the left side of the car
  • Cleaned, painted and re-installed the seat frames on the left side of the car
  • Completed the restoration of the ceiling including all necessary trimming work, finish painting and speakers for a public address system
  • Completed the restoration of the doors for the electrical cabinet, fire extinguisher, and emergency tools
  • Restored and re-installed the vestibule doors at both ends of the coach
  • Completed the painting of the wall area below the belt rail on the left side
  • Restored and re-installed the steam heat pipe covers
  • Began the installation of the inside window rails on the left side
  • Began the installation of the coat hooks and luggage racks on the left side

CN 6200 Work

2018 saw the completion of all superstructure work to put back parts that would not impede the installation of the boiler sheeting. This included:

  • Feed-water heater;
  • Front headlight with new machine front lid, numbers board,
  • A set of marker lights were bought from a North Bay Railway collector, refurbished with new lenses and lights sockets;
  • A number plate was found and graciously given to us by the Northern Ontario Railway Museum
  • The cab received all new windows frames, new armrests and deflector windows
  • The front boilers side steps were re-installed with anti climbing plates
  • The smoke-box was open, cleaned up, treated and sealed for rust.
  • Overall front of the engine was completely repainted.

Canadian Pacific Caboose 436436 Work

  • Canvas roof removed. Rotten wood replaced on roof.
  • Right Siding removed, wall frame inspected/reworked. Insulation installed. New siding installed.

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