Much has happened since our last report on restoration work by the "Dirty Hands Club". All the hard work over the years has resulted in the Society's equipment being in very good shape. Much of the work that has been done during the last fall and winter had been to finish up some of the final tasks on our equipment.

Duncan working on Car 26 engine.

 Let's look at some of the highlights of what has been accomplished.

  1. The work on the crane's tender has been completed and the final task was to number and letter it.

  2. The former Ottawa Central Railway Woodings CBL TU-1800 is now fully operational after a lot of work. All that is left is to do some work on the cab.

  3. After four years, our Canadian National 1958 Pontiac Station Wagon Hy-Rail is operational again and only a few things are left to be done. Besides having the engine completely rebuilt, the rear axles was replaced and work was done on the hydraulics for the flanged wheel lifting equipment. Most recently, there has been a lot of work done on the brakes.

  4. Much of the body work has been completed on our Canadian National Baggage Car No. 9627 but there is still more to do. Work has been done on the doors and the next major project will be to paint the car.

In-house Training

Despite all the "fun" the Dirty Hands Club has been having restoring our equipment, there are some "educational " requirements of these hard working people. Many of the members have been attending class instructions relating to the operation of the crane and participation in the operation of the Canada Science and Technology's Shay Locomotive.

Next on the list of activities is to prepare the Society's equipment for summer operations both with the crane and the Museum's Shay. So there's always something to do "Down at the Shop". If you want to help, Contact Us. If you can't, then come out and have a look at the Society's equipment in action!


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