The summer has been busy for the Society's hard working volunteers at the shop. Along with the regular restoration work there are the jobs relating to the Museum's Shay operations that keep many members of the group busy. However, a lot of work has been done on our own equipment.

OCR Woodings  CBL Work

Woodings CBL Work

Photo at Left:   Ottawa Central Railway Woodings CBL TU-1800 is getting much needed body work in preparation for eventual painting in this early summer 2011 photo inside the shop.

Work on the has just about been completed with. All that needs to be done is to apply the safety decals and stripes. Once this has been completed, the speeder is ready to go.

Car 26 Work

At the same time, other volunteers have been working on Canadian National 1958 Pontiac Station Wagon Hy-Rail. This long project is getting closer to completion but there are still some jobs to do.

The rebuilt wiper motor has to be installed, upholstering has to be replaced, and the hydraulics needs to be checked as there is a small leak. Not much further to go!

Baggage Car Work

For Canadian National Baggage Car No. 9627, there is very definitely "light at the end of the (railway) tunnel". The last of the body work is being done and lettering for the car is being sourced. The diaphragms have to be installed and several small tasks need to be completed. The final job of course is to paint and letter the car.

Crane Tender Work

Although the work on the crane tender is virtually completed, the group is looking at getting a small tank for water to be installed in the coal bunker. At the same time, a cover is to be created to look like the tender has a full load of coal (a bit like a model railway hopper car with a "load" of coal). Also required is a water pump (steam) to bring water to the crane.

Our equipment is now in pretty good shape thanks to all the hard work of the "Dirty Hands Club". Nonetheless, there's still lots to do!

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