Summarized below are equipment work highlights for 2014 extracted from our detailed equipment restoration reports available on our DHC Blog

Pontiac HyRail #26 Work

  • The interior upholstery has all been replaced.

Passenger Car #4977 Work

  • Battery boxes repaired/restored.
  • Wooden roof completed.
  • Windows installed on one side. Window frames repaired on opposite side.
  • Metalwork completed on B-end vestibule.
  • Metalwork started on A-end vestibule.

TNVR #10 Work

  • Engine #2 repaired/operating.

ex-Canadian Pacific Van No. 436436 Work

  • Interior tongue and groove panel replacement in the cupola 

Car 27 Work

  • Minor door adjustments as well as a good cleaning of the carpet on its floor. 

ex-CN Baggage Car No. 9246 Work

  • Applied second coat of red primer. 

Central Vermont Railway (CV) Tender No. 4264 Work

  • Pair of former heating oil tanks that have been appropriately cleaned for use as spare water reservoirs for the operation.

Museum Shop Map

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