Summarized below are equipment work highlights for 2016 extracted from our detailed equipment restoration reports available on our DHC Blog

Pontiac HyRail #26 Work

  • Car is currently stored off-site in a climate controlled storage facility. This was necessary to make room to museum renovations/material stored in shop.  No work was done on the vehicle this year.

Passenger Car #4977 Work

  • B-side exterior metal work completed. A-side exterior metal work started.
  • B-side entrance floor replaced.
  • Window frames repairs in Snack Bar completed
  • EPDM installed on entire roof.
  • Interior panelling stripped down to original mahogany. 

TNVR #10 Work

  • Engine #1 now running properly.

CN 6200 Work

  • New Number board installed on head-end.
  • Feed Water Heater needle-gunned and primed. Template for sheet metal jacket started.
  • Measurements taken for cosmetic windows.
  • CP transition era maple leaf monogram installed on both sides of tender.
  • Fuel and water data applied to the rear of tender.


Museum Shop Map

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