Maintenance of Way Theme

From the founding of the Society, the goal of the organization has been to acquire pieces that represents equipment used on work trains and for related activities, typically categorized as "Maintenance of Way" or "MOW" equipment.

Beginning in 1967 with the acquisition of Canadian National 1958 Pontiac Station Wagon Hy-Rail pictured at left in 2011 with the late Duncan du Fresne, the collection has grown so that there are now over 10 pieces.

Each piece is faithfully restored and maintained by Dirty Hands Club members who volunteer and spend many a Wednesday and Saturday mornings at the Canada Science and Technology Museum shop where the restoration work is done. 


Society Equipment Inventory

The Society current collection includes (please click on the links below to take you to a detailed page on each piece of equipment):

Acquired  Description
1967 Canadian National 1958 Pontiac Station Wagon Hy-Rail

The "Auxiliary": Central Vermont Railway Steam Crane No. 4251, Central Vermont Railway (CV) Tender No. 4264, and Boom Car No. 4313

1967 Canadian Pacific Railway Jordan Spreader No. 402818
1979 Thurso & Nation Valley Official's Car No. 27
1983 Canadian National Baggage Car No. 9246
1986 Canadian Pacific Caboose 436436
1989 Canadian National Passenger Car No. 4977
1990 Canadian Pacific Railway Boxcar No. 51426
2000 Thurso and Nation Valley Locomotive 10


The Society also has several Motor Cars including one from the former Ottawa Central Railway that includes a full fiberglass body and doors. In addition, our collection includes a hand car and a three-wheeled velocipede.