For train wrecks and certain maintenance work, railways always had set of equipment known as the "Auxiliary" which usually consisted of a crane, a tender (for steam powered cranes) and boom car. The Society obtained its Central Vermont Auxiliary in 1967.

Former Central Vermont Railway steam crane, 4251, was built by the Industrial Works (later Industrial Brownhoist) in 1919.

The 50-ton crane was acquired by the Society in 1967 along with the auxiliary equipment needed to support the crane's operation: the locomotive tender and a boom car. Number 4251 was received in operating condition and over the years the Society has fired the crane up and operated it during special events at the Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa where the crane resides.

The Society continues to maintain 4251 in working order and hopes to continue operating it in the years to come. Occasionally the crane is put to work lifting other Society equipment. 

You can see the Crane being steamed-up and utilized in this 10-minute video BRS Tender Tank Lift Summer 2010  

More information about the other Auxiliary cars are available Central Vermont Railway (CV) Tender No. 4264 and Boom Car No. 4313


Technical Information

Type and Origin
Acquired 1967
Power Type Steam
Builder Industrial Works
Model Crane 50-ton
Build date 1919
Gauge 4 ft 8 1⁄2 in (1,435 mm)
Fuel Type Coal
Fuel Capacity  
Water Capacity  
Boiler Vertical
Boiler Pressure  
Performance Figures
Train brakes  Air
Maximum Speed